Dulcey Eubank and Steve Eubank — APEX Owner in Billings, MT

Dulcey Eubank

APEX Owner - Manager - ACSM Trainer

As the mother of four daughters, I didn’t invest a lot of time in fitness and exercise until later in life. I was 32 when I decided to start running. Since then, I have completed 18 half marathons, one full marathon, as well as numerous 5K and 10K races. Although I continued running over the years, my nutrition choices were not the best and the weight started to creep on. When my husband, Steve, and I started as personal training clients at APEX in the summer of 2012, I was heavier than I had ever been and running was miserable. In fact, I was thinking that I was done with running because I thought I was too old and would never get the weight off. Since we became personal training clients at APEX, I have lost 30 pounds, gained strength, ran my fastest 10K, completed 6 Spartan races, and I feel better than I ever have!
I was an accountant and business manager for over 20 years. When my training sessions became the highlight of my day I realized that maybe it was time for change in my career path. I enjoy using my experience in business management and my perspective as a client to lead the team at APEX in providing excellent customer service while helping clients and members meet their goals. We strive to empower each client to improve their quality of life and health through effective fitness training in an atmosphere that is welcoming, friendly, clean and safe. I look forward to sharing with clients the same successful journey that I have experienced at APEX.
Karsyn Hornby — Athletic Trainer in Billings, MT

Karsyn Hornby

Athletic Trainer - Personal Trainer MSAT, ATC, NASM - CPT

I fell in love with health way back in high school when I could no longer compete in sports. The "gym" became somewhat of a sanctuary and it is the place where I learned to push myself physically so that I could overcome mental adversity. I moved to Billings from Casper, WY and started my educational career so that I could do what I love. After receiving my Master's degree, I knew that the fitness/wellness community would be a place where I could feel purposeful. I also love people. Connecting with each client every day is what keeps me happy at my job and it is incredibly rewarding. My skill set includes therapeutic rehabilitation, weight loss, injury prevention, and functional movement training. APEX is a place where members and clients feel loved, supported, and encouraged every time they step into the gym. We work hard to keep it that way!
Karsyn Hornby — Athletic Trainer in Billings, MT

Thomas Austin

Certified Personal Trainer, ACE

I’ve always been into fitness, from boxing in junior high to high school where I did my first weight training. I fell out of it for a few years after high school until my little brother joined the Army and asked my assistance to get him ready for basic. After that success, as my brother was his squads’ PT stud, he suggested that I look into going to school to train others the same way. I’ve been in love with this lifestyle ever since, to the point of wanting to change the world one client at a time. I specialize in strength training and conditioning; however, my skill sets are far from limited to that. Therapeutic exercise, rehabilitation and preventative training are also very prevalent with my training. Having trained at other gyms and recreational facilities, I can honestly say that APEX cares as much about the clients’ progress as the clients themselves. I’m proud to call myself the newest member of the APEX FitFam. Join us on your fitness journey and let’s change the world.
Marcus Vandall — APEX Team Member in Billings, MT

Marcus Vandall

APEX Team Member

Steve Eubank and Dulcey Eubank — APEX Owner in Billings, MT

Steve Eubank

APEX Owner - Support Team

I have always been an active person. So, at a younger age I never really took physical training and fitness too seriously. I had always been, for the most part, fit and trim. I was always busy building something, working on the house, making log furniture, and keeping myself active enough that I didn’t think I needed to worry about my nutritional choices or exercising. At the age of 37, I made a job change that took me from being active all day to sitting in front of a computer instead. As a consequence, I put on more than 20 pounds of desk weight. Like Dulcey, I was heavier than I had ever been. I was looking in the mirror and didn't like what I saw. In 2012, Dulcey and I became clients at APEX and started a personal training program. Since then, I have lost over 15 pounds and my body fat has gone down more than 5%. Now I can look at myself in the mirror and feel good about who is looking back.I work hard to support the team at APEX in providing our clients with a friendly and open atmosphere where they can improve their quality of life through healthier choices. See you at the GYM!