My husband and I were looking to join a gym. We knew the owners of APEX gym so we thought we would take a look at it. Steve gave us a tour of the place when we went in. We liked what we saw, and decided to join. Not having any experience with gyms, we decided to do the "KickStart" Program. Our personal trainers Alice and Dulcey were absolutely wonderful! Two very personable and knowledgeable people that sincerely had our best interests in mind. We also had a few sessions to discuss our nutritional habits with Karsyn who was great at getting our eating habits going the right direction. We now work out regularly each week and are eating a lot healthier. APEX is a gym that is very clean, has great equipment, and an awesome staff! We're glad we chose to make our "life change" with APEX.

- Robin and Mike Hopf (2017)
Karsyn has been my regular trainer at Apex for the past three years. She has done a great job helping me build core strength to overcome recurring back pain and spasms. She constantly uses varying exercises to develop specific muscles for overall balance. Workouts are never boring because every day there is something new, or a new emphasis on a specific exercise. I have been through a knee replacement and medial meniscus repair on the other knee during my time with Karsyn. Because of her superb knowledge of muscle anatomy, physiology, and wound healing, it has been like working with a physical therapist as well as a trainer during those recovery periods. She has allowed the healing process to take place without losing muscle function or range of motion. A thirty-minute session doesn’t allow much time to catch your breath, but I always feel like I have done something good for my body after finishing.

- Walter Peet, MD (2017)
I started out here for muscle rehab (damaged by West Nile). Karsyn, Dulcey, and Alice have really helped me. As personal trainers, they are encouraging. It's been 3 years and my progress has been measurable. I love that I am stronger, more flexible and so much healthier.
- Trina White (2017)
Over the years, the personal training staff at APEX has seen me at my worst and has helped me get to my best… with a stop at every point in between. It seems wherever I am in my life with health and physical fitness, the APEX staff is there to support me. When I first joined the gym and was in the worst shape of my life, we were definitely in the “tough love” stage of the staff laying out the reality that it was going to take hard work and determination to make it happen. Once I reached and exceeded everyone’s expectations, including my own, it was about finding new challenges to keep me going. Now we’re in an entirely new stage of trying to stay healthy and active during pregnancy. Next stop, regaining my pre-pregnancy fitness and physique. The journey and goals change all the time, but the one constant is I always have a supporter at APEX to cheer me on or to give me the tough love that I need to keep going.

- Amber Sundsted (2017)